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"Live" At the
An evening of excitement and music at the nightclub of the future!
Includes "You Are There" soundtrack segments, and many great tunes (click to visit and listen to the selection):


This was the first album, created in 1998-1999. Originally it was meant to be soundtrack for an adult multimedia project which was later shelved. But the songs kept coming anyway, and the website and the legend of Nellie was created. The Slaughterhouse was the cyberspace nightspot where Nellie and her gang were the house band.

02-We Are The Movie
03-I Want What I Want 
04-Minotaurs Message
06-Welcome To Cybertown
07-Slaugherhouse Jump
08-Welcome Nellie
09-Virtual Joy - ANIMATION!
10-In The Temple
12-In My Dreams
13-Minotaur And Mermaids
14-Cowboy Hacker Queen
16-Last Dance
17-My Dear Roxanne
19-Just Like Heaven


Champagne (2003)
Over two years in the making, this album began in 2000 as tracks left over from the first album, and took on a life of its own. Nellie began to experiment with old-style material, old show tunes, burlesque, big band, etc. in greater detail than before, and decided to dedicate a whole album to musical time travel.

The project was worked on and revised, and then shelved for over a year until better equipment was available. This new album is a leap forward technically, having been produced with high-quality stereo instrument samples and more expensive studio software, and represents the state of the art in computer sequenced music today (2003). 

02-Rainy Day
03-Bird In the Sunshine
04-Connect the Dots
06-You're Still Gone
07-Over the Wire
08-My Fantasies
10-Who's Telling You
11-Wont You Be Kind
12-Just Plain Wonderful

New Album!
Backstage Musical 
Here now, publicly available for the first time, is the as-yet unreleased material created after the second album in 2002. Listen to progress at work on what will eventually be a 1930s backstage musical with lots of production dance numbers and probably even a story!

01 - Fly Me to the Moon - A BRAND NEW RECORDING made TUESDAY, MARCH 1 with my new instruments and software. Just a cover, but it's the first thing Nellie has done in 12 years!

02 - Sign Up For Love - Nellie hoofing and singing in a dumpy little nightspot at the beginning of the movie. She will soon be discovered!

03 - If I Never See You Again - The finale. Bittersweet finish to a great romance. Dedicated to the late Kate Worley. 

04 - Going Out of Business - A BRAND NEW SONG finsihed FRIDAY, MAY 20 with my new instruments and software. Nellie learns to dance!

05 - Clueless - The Nellie and the Drummers Honky Tonk Orchestra! She's back, and she's fed up! I spent a lot of time learning my tools and doing my homework to finish this one.

06 - I Never Felt Like This Before - Nellie hits the high notes in this show tune about why love doesn't always come softly.


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Nellie & the Drummers are a new concept in multimedia and pop music, a computer created rock band combining computer-generated vocals, MIDI based computer-generated music, and 3D animated characters. All audio and video are generated on the desktop.


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