I Never Felt This Way Before

Every musical comedy has to have a showstopping love song. But Nellie, a soprano? Why not? Anyway, she takes the center stage somewhere in Act II for this old-fashioned Broadway tune about a love that's not boring. Having her sing so high created problems not just for her, but for me, and it and the big orchestra forced me to learn a lot more about mixing. I think I finally have some idea of what I'm doing. Play it LOUD!


I Never Felt
This Way Before



In the quiet of the night
I'd listen to my heart
And my heart would whisper back to me
And I would feel in harmony with all I felt inside
And every other feeling yet to be.
I used to feel that love would come a creeping
While I was sleeping, at break of day
A gentle touch and then a gentle weeping ...
But that is nothing whatsoever like I'm feeling today…

I feel a storm is growing, the wind is blowing through my hair
I feel the thunder rolling, the sky is glowing everywhere
the world is flashing and clashing like its going to explode
And I don't even know what for
That's how my heart feels when we're together
And I've never felt this way before.

I feel my world in motion, upon the ocean, toss and turn
I feel my heart a pounding, frantically sounding in return
I feel the breakers colliding and I tremble with fear
As the sea gives a frightful roar
Cause you are here with your arms around me
And I've never felt this way before.

Something delightful is inside this dangerous storm
How can something so frightful, be making my heart so warm
I know that

I feel the world is dancing, twirling and prancing full of joy
I feel my body sailing, my laughter makes a joyful noise
I feel so reckless and wild I don't care where we collide
Or whatever we have in store
Because I feel right, when were together
And I've never felt this way, I've never felt this way
I thought I was in love but this is more...
I've never felt this way before.


+1 #3 Jenna Miller 2017-04-02 15:22
Quoting Super User:
It was an accomplishment to get that note, and have it come out rich instead of thin or screechy.

Well, you truly did a wonderful job at it! :D
+1 #2 Super User 2017-03-30 20:30
It was an accomplishment to get that note, and have it come out rich instead of thin or screechy.
+1 #1 Jenna Miller 2017-03-29 14:42
Oh yeah, Nellie! Hit that high note at the end~! :lol:

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