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OKAY! I said I was going to be doing some upgrading. First came essential software that needed to be upgraded. BUT THEN I needed better musicians to back up Nellie.

Here today for the first time in 12 years, NELLIE SINGS AGAIN!

This is ONLY A WARMUP .. ONLY A TEST!  Nellie's old soundfonts have been replaced by Garritan Jazz and Big Band and Garritan Personal Orchestra ensembles. Not zillion-dollar professional samples but way beyond what we had. And now you're listening to the first test "recording."

This is NOT my arrangement! This arrangement is by Sammy Nestico and was programmed by Gary Wachtel. It's not my style at all. But it seemed like a good workout for my new instruments. So even though I didn't arrange the band, I did program the instruments themselves, and Nellie, and mixed it. It was a lot of work, and I have a lot more work ahead of me, as I get my own arranging skills backup to scratch, and keep twiddling around looking for that magic warm 1930s band sound I'm going to need.

But the important fact is still, Nellie and the Drummers are back at work. And with a MAJOR UPGRADE.

Back to the computer for more training.


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Nellie & the Drummers are a new concept in multimedia and pop music, a computer created rock band combining computer-generated vocals, MIDI based computer-generated music, and 3D animated characters. All audio and video are generated on the desktop.


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