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They Work! Both the Nellie albums are up for listening!

Both 1999's LIVE AT THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE and 2002's CHAMPAGNE are available for listening on the NELLIE ALBUMS page. There are the album covers, and clickable track lists. If you click the album cover, you will be taken to the first track! Once you're there,  you can listen and page down to the next track. Pretty slick.

These capabilities just weren't available to me decades ago, and I had to be satisfied with putting some tunes up on amateur rock sites frequented only by wannabe-rockstars age 12 and below. They all said, in so many words, "WTF?"

Oh, well.

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Nellie & the Drummers are a new concept in multimedia and pop music, a computer created rock band combining computer-generated vocals, MIDI based computer-generated music, and 3D animated characters. All audio and video are generated on the desktop.


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