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But just tonight, i discovered that Strata3D (NOT DEAD) was GIVING AWAY a newer version of Strata which actually runs on my machine, at the Apple Apps Store! I quickly downloaded it, and I now have Strata back after 10 years! It reads all my old files with no trouble.

Here is an image done just last night, a new snapshot from inside a set created 20 years ago!

The scene is inside the Slaughterhouse MUD virtual nightclub, where Nellie etal were featured. (Minnesota folks will notice the layout is similar to 1st Avenue).

Upgrading all the old Poser animation files won't be as easy. All the textures were saved in PICT format, which are unreadable by 64-bit applications. Gonna be a tedious job converting them all (and their references) to jpeg.



0 #1 Mick McAllister 2017-01-18 21:21
I'll get the reference fixed at DB. Glad to see you back.

Incidentally, you might find tools that will help convert those PICT file references in your Poser files at Hivewire3D. If not, have a look at WildEdit (a TextPad accessory) to make directory-wide S&Rs. Good luck.


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